Saturday, May 5, 2007


gw barusan nemuin saingannya si jenny maen mario.. ahahahahahahah maennya sambil merem cuq.. ck ck ck

liat commentnya dy deh:

Video of me beating the first two levels of super mario bros on an nes in a row with my eyes closed. Sorry I couldn't get a brighter video (my westinghouse lvm-37w3 is very bright, even on the lowest backlight setting). It's really not hard, it just takes practice. I even did it first try while driving later the day I did this video. Go give it a try! I'm sure you can at least beat the first level after a half an hour or so (probably less).

And if you're wondering, I've also spent time (unsuccessfully) trying to do the same to 1-3 and 4-1. I can now do level 1-4 also. The first half is memory/timing, but the second half is luck. I always get hit by the random (actually they aren't random, just like anything on a computer they are based off a timer and appear in the same spot every time if you go through the level at top speed) fireballs or bowser.

"ZOMG FAKE/10" - Whatever. I could have had a second person playing while I sat there playing with an unhooked controller, or somehow see a mirror or look at the flip out lcd on my camera (how I could do that with my eyes closed, you tell me)... but it's much easier to actually do it. I can recite the levels from memory:

Level 1: Doo do do do do DOOT (jump, hit goomba). Run right, hit a pipe. Do a long button press jump over it, run right. Jump on top of the pipe, running start, jump to the next pipe, fall on the second goomba. Run right, jump on the pipe, inch right, press down. Jump right and run, then left, then right into the pipe. Wait for the music cue.. top of the pipe. Run left to get a running start, jump over the top. Jump to victory!

Level 2: do do do do do doot.. you're on the ground. Time it right, hit the mushroom box and land on the goomba . Jump up then left, collect the mushroom. Run right, hit the block. Three long jumps, hopefully land on the goomba near the coin box. Run right, jump, then jump again to hopefully get to the top row with the coins (safer way). If not, hope those koopas don't get you. Run to the right and break the three bricks, careful the enemies might get through if you're late. Jump up, then press right. Break two blocks, then jump left. Break one.. run! Count to 14 then long jump wildly. If you don't hear and bricks breaking, go left and into the warp zone. If you do hit a brick, go left for a second then right into the pipe. Mad dash to victory!


intinya: ni org kurang kerjaan tu de poll hauhauhuahauhua pengangguran kelas kakap..

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