Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Jakarta Jakarta Jakarta...

What came across your mind when u hear that word? Tempat orang2 'BEJAT'??? MACET??? BANJIR?? hehehehe watever came across your mind Jakarta is still my hometown, place where i grew up, and a place which have sculpted so much memories. There is an issue related to this city that i want to discuss with u guys.. As many of u may have heard, or probably think as it is u'r self,

"Orang-orang Jakarta itu rusak2!!! bejat2!!!" betull gak sih sebenernya???

Okay, let's have some fun.. I'd like to ask as many indozoonians as possible (or maybe outsiders as well?) to participate in this 'discussion'. I want u guys to give ur opinion about that statement above. I personally would also like to join this 'discussion' (or debate??) so to be fair, im not gonna say anythin here, but instead i'll post it in the comments, so be sure to check it out guys..



This is how many of Jakarta people drive there.. kekekekekek
(embed disabled, so pls visit the link ur self..)

yg belom pernah ke Jakarta, silahkan muter2 Jakarta!!! these videos below will take u there.. ^^



kawe said...

ok to be honest, i've had this question in my head for a while... sejak bergaul sama Indozoo tercinta ini, image gw tuh kayaknya beda sama image2 gw biasanya, maksud gw gini...

gw dari dulu sampe sekarang yah emang begini2 ajah, nothin changed.. dan image gw dulu (as i have asked ppl i hanged out with before indozoo) yah jg biasa2 ajah (red: gak bejad =p)

Tapi mungkin lo orang (some of u guys, i should say..) gak familiar dgn kebiasaan2 (way of life??) org jkt, im not gonna say what those are..

sehingga terbentuklah image seorang Kristian yg 'Bejad' or is it what u guys think?? (at least that what a person i talked to said to me) =p
nah tapi sekarang apa SEMUA orang jkt tuh bejad?? knp ada stereotype kyk gitu??

sekarang gw pgn tau jg, how many org jakarta do u actually know?? how many of them are fitted with what u described as 'BEJAD'? and am i one of them??? ahahahahahahah =p

dom said...

ga kok we..
lu ga bejad kok we

lup ya we

tommy said...

i like that driving video