Sunday, October 14, 2007

Smilies ^______^

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Many ASCII representations of smiley faces have been developed over the years. Some feature non-smiling expressions or other elaborations. They come in two main varieties, those meant to be viewed sideways, and those meant to be seen upright.

classic smilies:

:) (Smiling)
=) (Smiling)
:D (Big smile)
;] (Winking)
:] (Neutral Expression)
:/ (Partial half smile)
:( (Frowning)
:'( (Crying)
:-) (Smiley with nose)
:o (Talking/Surprised)
*<:o) (party smile) :p (Poking his tongue out) now lets make a better expression: o(^_^)o ‘yes!’ (hands at sides) (^.^) | (*_*) amazed m(_ _)m apologising (bowing) (-_-)zzz / (z_z) asleep |-| bored * eg. (^_^*) blushing =(^.^)= cat *\(^o^)/* cheerleader (o_o) | (O_O) | (o_0) | (O_o) | (°_°) concerned/nervous/shocked (;_;) | (T_T) crying (x_x) dead / knocked out \(^o\) (/o^)/ dancing with joy (._.) depressed (@_@) dizzy (^_^;) embarassed (sweating) o(^_-)O encouraging (gentle punch) (*_*) euphoric/fascinated/in love/frightened (-_-) | (u_u) exasperated (^o^)/ exclaming/joyful (¬_¬) focused (at someone or something) (^L^) | (^(^) happy //_o\ hair brushed over one eye {(-_-)} headphones (,_') motion sick (OvO) owl (>_<) | (>_>) | (<_<) | (c_c)

(^_-)d | b(-_^)
promise (linking fingers)

(-.-)y-., o O | (-.-;)y-~~~
relaxed (smoking)

roaring in anger
rock nerd

\m/ (b_d) \m/
rolling eyes

rurouni kenshin

scratching head



(^_^) | (n_n) | (^u^) | (^.^)
smiling (small mouth for female)

tearful goodbye (waving handkerchief)

thinking about money

thumbs up

tickled to death

(=_=) | (`o`)



ToT | TOT | T0T


`\=o-o=/' | (b_d)
wearing glasses

weeping and hugging

(^_~) | (^_-)

These emoticons borrow heavily from the anime drawing style, with a lot of expression shown using the eyes. These emoticons are often abbreviated by leaving off the parentheses, so (^_^) will become ^_^. They can be further abbreviated by leaving out the mouth, so ^_^ becomes ^^. The longer the mouth, the stronger the emoticon’s meaning.

Finally, thanks to everyone that has contributed to the list.

nit, Starbucks cabang mana nih? lg nyari org tuh kyknya.. anyone interested???


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