Tuesday, November 6, 2007

7-Eleven Day - FREE SLurpeE!!

On Wednesday, 7th November (7/11), 7-Eleven will be celebrating with all of Australia by giving away a FREE Slurpee to every person who walks into a 7-Eleven and says to the guy behind the counter: "Happy 7-Eleven Day"!!!

How it works:
WHEN: 7/11 - between 7am and 11pm

From morning 'til night!

HOW: Go into any 7-Eleven and say to the guy behind the counter, "Happy 7-Eleven Day" - and then you'll get a free small Slurpee

WHERE: Any 7-Eleven store, limit of one small Slurpee per customer per store

...This is a limited offer - one day only 7/11, between 7am and 11pm - tell your friends, tell your family, don't let this once in a year opportunity pass, pass it on!

CHECK IT OUT: www.slurpee.com.au

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