Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Our fav Spices are back!

This is the new single by Spice Girls. HEADLINES! Now who doesn't like Spice Girls! oh my every one were crazy abt them at one point.

The new song is not that good but not that bad either. Still reminds me of those Spice days. They're still sexy i reckon.

They're gonna do a world tour. Unfortunately only coming to Sydney in Australia. Let's hope they come to Melbourne.


dom said...

i love mel C 's part
thats all

kawe said...

eh itu yg pk bh doank dr awal sapa yah?? gw demen bgt bodynyaa, bohayy cuq!!!! =p

Anonymous said...

GERI HALLIWELL!!! i love her best too!!!

ama Victoria cakep.