Thursday, November 1, 2007

IndoZoo Facebook

Hey guys,

I've just created a group on Facebook for Indozoo.

Join and check it out. It's easier to chat thr as they have discussion board, and easier things for you to upload photos.

5 Zooians are already thr. I can even give you guys an Officer title.

So far I'm Officer 'Tata Busana' .. Still can be changed.

What makes it so fun also is that if we are all planning to go out or smth, we can just make one invite and invite the whole group. Everyone can just reply by pressing Attending, Maybe Attending or Not Attending.

Add videos, photos and stuff easily there for everyone to see.

I think this blog is better to be used for some important announcements or smth.

Anyway just check it out, not sure the link will work but try it anyway.

I'll cu thr guys!

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