Sunday, September 30, 2007

Chris Crocker

This video is dedicated to all zooians who don't know who Chris Crocker is.
This guy (or gay) has been an American icon for the last few weeks, thats why i think it would be a shame if you guys haven't watched this video.

** addition by kawe **

berhubung masi ttg this sick retard... gw mo nambah some of his disguisting watever..

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gila yah? nih more...

okay... u guys still wanna sing that song? do u see wat kinda ppl listen and sing this song? i wouldnt even want to hear let alone sing that song anymore dudee... this guy's a disgrace of all male-kinds, ke laut lah lauuttttttttttttt laut laut lautttt!!!!!!!! mit amit jabang mongky dhe =p kasar yah gw?! hua3 i mean cmon lah?!?!! wat do u guys expect me to say bout this "creature" ??????

Fox News makin fun of this guy!

his gay response bout that..

duh cape dhe gw ngom ttg org gak penting kyk gini... however apparently his a star...

ahuahuahuahha cemen lah~


dom said...

omg we keren gitu
i mean lagunya...

dia yg tiru2 britney tahi.. bukan britney yg tiru2 dia..

lagian i prefer brits version :p
so dun think that im not gonna sing that song again infront of ya dude..



dom said...

wewe as u noe im not brits fans, but i do really like her new song..
gimme gimme more... !
gimme gimme more... !


cape cape cape... !
nite we bobo kali lu !
jangan bikin pr melulu

kawe said...

yeah.. im just saying la.. dun really want to argue.. oh well~ piss jg..