Monday, September 24, 2007

Heaps Pictures!!!

Okay... fist of all.. HAPPY HOLIDAY!!!!! (buat yg merayakannya =p)

a whole week free from wats so called 'lectures', 'tutes', 'studio', 'comp-lab' crot2 watever. despite the fact that we all know a week isnt that long at all really.. however, some of us were trying to make the most of our holiday by having a 'whole-weekend-non-stop-party' if it isnt too much exaggeration, kekekekek... some of indozoonians (that would be ciska mostly) took LOADSSS of pictures.. okay, i tell u what.. i was looking at my camera and tried to sort things up, so i went through the pics and apparently about 90 out of 200s pics were dom's pics.. ahahahaha cape d... ok so now lets recap what's been happening this weekend..

Jumat: nothin much happening laa.. the rest of the world were working gt dhe, so Tom, Citeq, Wi2d, KaWe, Nike, Dom the 6 of us sore2 ngumpul gt rutinitas trus gw lupa kita ngapaen, so lets just skip the story.. muahahahahaha (it even took me quite a bit of time just to recall who were coming on friday)

hmm sabtu pagi2 (sore2 sebenernya) dah ada yg kasi gw 'morning call' ciska tlp gw, ngajak ngedon.. ysuw gw pegi, then di don2 kita merencanakan wat'll happen, and so it was decided.. go to kawe's house.. then at my house we were watching Family Man, then anita came up with this idea, why dont we make a surprise party for dom (FYI yg lom tau ato lupa tgl 19 sept dom ultah) naah ysuw karna the idea it self came up at around 10 oclock, toko yg ms buka jam sgituw yah palingan safeway doank lah yaaa.. so for the 2nd time in a row we bought dom cake from safeway.. it was a mud cake this time tho.. heheheheheh so bla3 yah u know surprise party bla3 then nginep2 then gw da mulai males crita2 lagih.. wakakakakak... so intinya i uploaded some pics for those who asked me b4..

no image caption no explanation no nothin.. =p gw lg males nulis.. mungkin ada yg mo nambahin or edit my post.. (kalo mao) just let me know.. for now.. ini dolo... yes? enyoy guys!!!

PS: indozoonian MONCOLL lg pada mo final exam nanti hari rabu, lets wish them all gud luck!!!!

JIAYOU Guys~!! ^^