Saturday, September 8, 2007

New iPod.

Wohoo, iPod touch is out. It looks very similar to iPhone. Touch screen and stuff.. yea quite interesting. Even allows you to connect online and download music straight away.

But I'm more interested in the new nano. The colour looks better and it looks like the classic ipod but shorter. I think its quite cute. Aiming for the green one. And best thing is the price has gone down quite a bit for nano. RRP $199 AUD. Not too bad yea?

New iPod classic is also available. Minimum 80GB for the really cheap price. I think 50 USD more than Nano. Really cool. But the looks is quite similar to the old one. Got a bit of upgrade la.

New iMac has also been introduced. Sounds powerful, but not a big fan of the black framed screen. Prefer the classic white mac.

wanted to post the review from CNET TV, but i have to download the videos and upload it here.. takes long.. so I'll just show u guys the ad. iPod Nano.. CUTEEEEEEEE!!!

This one is the new iPod Touch!!!

btw, PSP oso got new slim one ar?

for CNET new ipods reviews:

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