Saturday, September 8, 2007

Gelato and Ice cream? Ever wonder whats the diff?

The question arrived when we were having some Il Dolce Freddo at lygon.

It's a bit like asking whether Chicken or Egg comes first to this world.

Maybe not.

Anyway, according to Tommy wikipedia research, Gelato is more denser and got more taste.

Whatever.. I'm going to stick to my theory that Gelato is not usually served in the ball sort of shape, and ice cream is. TADAH.. finish.


tommy said...

I thought today we agree that ice cream is the one that shaped like a spiral, served in a cone. So anything else but this will be considered as gelato..

aniTa said...

ya olo

gak penting banget sih

masi commentin bedanya ice cream ama gelato.

udah jgn dengerin richi pny resource, gak bener. gak terbukti. hahahaahahha..................

yg penting rasanya enak!!!!!!!!!!
hao chi senching ping