Sunday, September 16, 2007

D'sgrace News

Sorry guys for not being actively posting in these past days. As usual, busy with assignments and work. Let's recap what has been happening this weekend.

Operators please post more up to date and relevant topics around the blog. We don't want to see some junk posts. Haha.. jk... lol


Thursday and Friday this weekend I was absent from Zooians meetings. Whole day spent for assignment and training at J.A. Hopefully it was all worth it.

On Saturday though, Zooians kumpul at Kawe's place. As usual. Wasting quality time Chap-Chitting and watching movies. Playing guitars, bla bla bla.. u know la...

Me & Tommy have a KFC fiesta. Twas good. Definitely fulfilled my craving for KFC. Then went back pretty late. Had to walk home some more.. D'sgraceful act by house owner. Wakakaka.. jk...

And a very jarang incident, Tommy nginep rumah Bacang. Wohoo! It's time to bring the nginep trend back. hehehe

And then, today, Sunday. I went to work again. This time paid! hehehe It was good. Went over my day budget. Boss was impressed on how I keep my workstation clean and neat. And I made big sale on Sunday! Which is good. My good boss then tipped me $40 plus 3 free tees and 2 pants. LOVE IT! I'll stick around for looooong time if they keep doing that.

Then at church is soooo sepi.. WTH?!! No one went to church except Wiwid & I. U guys, go to h*ll. And of coz afta that, bacang who woke up really late came and then went for dinner. Then safeway. Then met Jenny, then tok tok tok, and that's it for the day.

That was my recap of this weekend. Sorry no photos were taken.


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kawe said...

ahahahahah iya2 sorry for not dropping u guys home?!?!?! =p btw define relevant posts! and also there are no operators, all indozoonians r welcome to post here, just ask me for the "permissions".. ^^